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The only way to save traditions is to innovate; there can be no preservation without innovation – Wu Guan Zhong  

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Targets in 2021

Digital imaging of privately owned colonial bungalows in Singapore

Targets in 2015

The arts of traditional Chinese buildings in Singapore

Contributing Chinese articles on Singapore traditional Chinese architecture in Facebook’s Clan Association in Singapore group (scroll down to view all 100 articles)

Updating Telok Ayer Street temples field guide notes for China Society

New Video/Photo Sets/Links (2013)

Door-god paintings in Singapore (by Charlene)

Baba House at 157 Neil Road

A closer look at two historic plaques (藏身时间里的文字)

Jalan Kayu Kampong temple rebuilt in Sengkang

Vanishing trades of Singapore

Chan Chor Min Tong

Old Thong Chai Medical Hall

Singapore Teochew Intangible Heritage Video collection

Traditional Teochew lantern-making & embroidery (Zaobao 20 Jul 2012 article)

Traditional Teochew temple celebrations music 11 Feb 2011

Teochew strings, wind & percussion ensemble

Teochew cymbals & handdrums

Teochew rod puppet troupe in Singapore, Sin Sai Bao Feng troupe

Last Teochew rod puppet troupe from Penang – Kim Giak Low Choon troupe

Behind the scenes of Kim Giak Low Choon troupe

Traditional Teochew Architecture in Chao Zhou

Tan Yeok Nee’s ancestral temple in Swatow video clip

Classical Teochew music by Thau Yong Amateur Musical Association, video clips by Kent Neo

Part 1(Teochew), Part 2(Han Jiang), Part 3(Percussion), Part 4(Instruments)

Singapore Hokkien Intangible Heritage Video collection

Traditional Hokkien Puppetry, Singapore Chinese New Year Feb 2011 & older

Small puppets – Zhang Zhou puppet troupe at Huayi Festival

Small puppets – performed by Singapore troupe by Victor Yue

Medium puppets – Singapore Xin Yue Ping at Thian Hock Keng

Medium puppets – behind the scenes by Victor Yue

Large puppets – Taiwan Bobee group at Huayi Festival

Large puppets – Traditional ‘Heavenly warriors’ in Taipei Bao An Gong

Large puppets – 130 ‘Heavebly warriors’ parade in Taiwan

Nanyin Performance at Kusu Tua Pek Kong Temple, Oct 2008

Part 1Part 2

Nanyin performance by Siong Leng Music Association , video clips by Kent Neo

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6

The last image carving shop in Singapore, video clip by Tze Yong

Xi Tian Yuan at Tanjong Pagar

The last traditional rattan lantern maker in Singapore & Malaysia

Mr. Ang, phone 06-3151032 No. 1, Jalan 4, Taman Nirwana, Batang Tiga, 75200 Melaka

Village Temple celebrations in Fujian, video clips from 

Qing Shui Zu Shi Festival, Kuan Kong Festival, Seet Ancestral Temple Celebrations, Soo Ancestral Temple Celebrations

Singapore Heng Hwa Intangible heritage video collection, Jan 2007 – Mar 2007 

Videos by Kent Neo & Raymond Goh

Heng Hwa puppetry & taoist practices in China (Prof. Kenneth Dean)

Door opening ceremony (Heng Hwa) at Cheow Leng Beo (new)

Receiving of dieties ceremony (Heng Hwa) at Sian Keng Tong

Receiving of dieties ceremony (Heng Hwa) at Tioh Hin Cho Beo

Fire-walking (Heng Hwa) at Cheow Leng Beo

Rocking-palanquin (Heng Hwa) at Cheow Leng Beo

Leng-ki ritual (Heng Hwa) at Cheow Leng Beo

Heng Hwa(Cheow Leng Beo) tang-ki paying respects to dieties in Hokkien temple

Performance by last Heng Hwa puppet troupe in Singapore (Qing Yun Miao)

Dressing up of tang-ki ritual (Heng Hwa) at Qing Yun Miao

Tang-ki (Heng Hwa) as main diety of Qing Yun Miao performing ritual

Temple dieties dance ritual (Heng Hwa) at Qing Yun Miao

Invocation of the Heavenly warriors dance (Heng Hwa) at Qing Yun Miao

‘Jia Guan’ ceremony performed by puppet at Chong Hock Tong

Taoist hymn chanting at Chong Hock Tong

Taoist hymn singing at Chong Hock Tong

Traditional Chingay Celebrations in Johor, 2007 video clips by Kent Neo & Raymond Goh

2nd day, Street performances (1)

2nd day, Street performances (2)

2nd day, Rocking palanquin

3rd day, Return of diety on palanquin to Johor Temple

3rd day, Dragons welcoming dieties back to temple

3rd day,  Hokkien Opera Troupe dressed as 8 immortals paying respects to Hong Xian Da Di

Latest field survey photographs by Kent Neo

Joo Chiat Xiang Lian Si (Buddhist temple)

Cuppage Xian Teck Tng (Buddhist temple)

Photographs by SOH volunteer Mr Chee San Kiat

Tanjong Pagar Seng Wong Beo

Palmer Road Tua Pek Kong Temple

6th Ave Hoon San Keng

Mohd. Sultan Road Hong San See

Far East Square Fuk Tak Chi Street Museum

Telok Ayer Ying Fo Fui Kun

Telok Ayer Thian Hock Keng

Old Thong Chai Medical Hall

Upper Changi Road Zhen Kong Miao

Photographs by SOH volunteer Lesley

Eunos Sian Keng Tong

Eunos Tio Hin Cho Beo

Photographs by Kent Neo

Upper Serangoon Chong Hock Tong

Hougang Qing Yun Miao/An Ren Gong

Truro Road Ling Chi Xing Gong

Yishun Cheow Leng Beo