Links to Historic Chinese Architecture in South-East Asia

Chinese Culture in Singapore by Kua Bak Lim (Chinese)

Old Streets and temples of Malaysia (Chinese)

Cheng Hoon Teng, Malacca

Khoo Kongsi, Penang

Chung Keng Kwee’s mansion, Penang

Cheong Fatt Sze Mansion, Penang

Chinese Temples, Penang

Old Chinese Temple in Johor

Jin De Yuan, Indonesia

Singapore Chinese temples & Taoist practices today (English)

Heritage guide, Singapore

Temples and Taoist practices in Taiwan (Chinese)

Online Guide to Traditional Hokkien Architecture in Taiwan

Online gallery of Asian architecture(English)

Fengshui & Fujian architecture (Chinese)

Traditional Fables seen in decorative arts of Chinese architecture(English)

Chinese Legends through picture books online  (Chinese)

Chinese Calligraphic Font Types

Chinese Classics (Chinese with English translation)

Singapore Chinese Heritage blog (Chinese)

Traditional Teochew plaster sculpture of Haw Par Villa (Chinese)


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