37. Leong San See, 1913, needs conservation



One response to “37. Leong San See, 1913, needs conservation

  1. Leong San See is indeed a nice piece of hokkien architecture. History is dated back from 1913, in An Ping district of the Fukien Province. 60miles south of Chun Chow stood a temple by the name of “Leong San See”. The first monk who left this temple and came to Singapore was the Rev. Chun Wu. In 1913, he set out for a long journey, bringing along a statute of the Bodhisattva Kuan Yin. In 1917, he purchased a piece of land of about 16,000sqf at the Race Course Road, where he built a similar house that resembles the native temple in China. In 1925, a layman called Tan Bun Liat offered to expand the current premises and together with his disciple Rev. Sui Tin, the foundation of the present foundation of Leong San See was completed in 1926.

    The architecture was constructed in Chinese Palace-style, namely wood cuttings, wall paintings, statues etc. An inscription in stone is still available which reports the work of the early founders. As time passes by, restoration work was done in 1970, and was completed by 1972…

    This is extracted from a book given to me by my grand mum, who inherited this book from the Venerable of this temple. This book contains the images of the artifacts, architecture and the cravings of the storyboard of ancient Chinese story. I clearly I got this book when I was just 11 years old. The same year my grand dad passed away peacefully in his sleep.

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