Unidentified Temple along North/New Bridge road, demolished


This taoist temple has been demolished. Judging from the architectural style, this is a Cantonese Taoist temple or association built in a courtyard-style. Ning Yeung Wui Kun, Kwong Fuk Gu Miu and Thong Chai Medical Hall  were three other Cantonese courtyard halls in Singapore. As for the Teochews, there used to be four traditional Teochew courtyard-houses in Singapore. Sadly, there is only one left now. River house at Clarke Quay was a warehouse strictly speaking, but was occupied by Tan Yeok Nee for a while before he finally retired in Swatow. There was one traditional Hokkien courtyard-house at Sin Koh Street near Kallang belonging to Goh Sin Koh, it used to be known to Hokkiens as the Rochore Tua Kongsi. Unfortunately, Sin Koh Street doesn’t even exist now. This unidentified temple is abit of a mystery. Perhaps there are some plans in the archive that would give some clues to what temple this was.


One response to “Unidentified Temple along North/New Bridge road, demolished

  1. Hi, its name is Liang De Tang. Address is 291 Victoria Street.

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