8. Kim Lan Beo, 1839, demolished & relocated



Founding dialect group – Hokkien (Quanzhou, Yongchoon); Main diety – Qing Shui Zhu Shi ; status – relocated & rebuilt

This temple has got an interesting beginning – it was the gathering place of a secret society known as the ‘Choo Soo Kong Hoe’. The brotherhood of society members can be seen by the titles of the donors inscribed in the original stone tablets now rehoused in the rebuilt temple at Kim Tian Road. Titles of ‘gor’ and ‘hup’ were titles frequently used in secret societies then. In fact, the name of the temple itself suggests a place where ‘brotherhood’ were sworn in. ‘Kim Lan’ are two words that originate from the famous ‘ I-ching ‘. ‘Kim’ stands for gold,while ‘Lan’ stands for orchid. In the parable in ‘I-ching’ about the virtues of friendship, it goes something like this – ‘….when two hearts are one, they are strong enough to break gold; the words from two hearts in unison are like the fragrance of orchids’.
My paternal grandfather’s ancestral tablet is kept in the new temple according to my dad.


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