3. Soon Thian Keng, 1821, demolished


For more info of the relocated temple in Geylang, see http://travel.zaobao.com/spore/pages/food030700.html (in Chinese)


3 responses to “3. Soon Thian Keng, 1821, demolished

  1. The word demolished makes me sad, especially while looking at the beautiful photographs on your site. Also, the spam comments seem particularly absurd here. Why don’t you use “word verification” to get rid of them? Can you write about your thoughts about the temples? I would like to hear what is in your mind.

  2. Do you know exactly where is the location of this temple?

  3. Wow nice blog idea!
    Would like to see the addresses of the temples as well as mj! heh..
    if you need help typing some of the words in chinese i can help …

  4. soon thian keng has been relocated to geylang
    can check out this link that talks a bit about the temple (it’s in chinese)

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