Calling for Volunteer Photographers

Announcement :

I am currently urgently looking for more volunteer photographers with DSLR cameras of 8mp or higher for the documentation of remaining heritage Chinese architecture in Singapore. As I already have low resolution pics of most of the temples, high resolution archiving is the most important task at hand now.

These beautiful heritage buildings may be demolished or redeveloped in 5 – 10 years time, and possibly for many of those those temples that are on TOL (Temporary Occupational License) or those that have not been gazetted as monuments. I PLEA to all of you, who value Chinese heritage in Singapore, give us a hand in this project, for the sake of our future generations, and for the sake of the preservation of our dialect cultures.

Kent Neo

December 2006

SOH (Save Our Heritage)


One response to “Calling for Volunteer Photographers

  1. Trevor Seaman

    I am an Ang Mo who has been living here for years. Very keen photographer who would be more than happy to take phots and learn more of Singapore at the same time.
    I know your request was over a year ago but if you need someone to help let me know.

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