Save Our Chinese Heritage, SOCH initiative

Dear all,

I am glad to announce that an initiative to save all heritage pertaining to the immigrant Chinese of the various dialect groups has been drawn up by me and a photographer friend. For a start, we will be archiving all architectural heritage plus artefacts within these buildings for the benefit of future generations and conservation purposes. So far, we have archived 2 buildings of great heritage value – Tong Xian Tng at Devonshire Road and Ying Fo Fui Kun at Telok Ayer Street. As this is a non-profit initiative, our progress has been rather slow due to our involvement of the project only during weekends. We are calling for photographers equipped with 10 megapixel or more digital SLR cameras to participate in this SOCH initiative. In the spirit of open source collaboration (e.g. wikipedia, Linux),
a central repository of archived jpegs is needed for a start. I suggest that the Singapore History Museum(or Ying Fo Fui Kun) to be used as a place to convene and depositing of archived pictures. Meanwhile, we are in the process of getting support from URA and the NHB in this project. Interested photographers, please send me an email at
I will personally show you the salient architectural features and artefacts to record.

Thank you
Kent Neo


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