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Links to Historic Chinese Architecture in South-East Asia


Nanyang Architecture

Kim Mui Hoey Kuan, 1870, demolished

Chinese Chamber of Commerce, 1878, rebuilt

Koon Seng Ting, 1905, needs to be gazetted  

Map 4 Telok Blangah Drive (S) 109257

Chua Village Temple, Tan Kong Tian Temple, 1919

Map 14 Jalan Kebaya (S) 278319

Nanyang Sacred Union building, 1903, needs to be gazetted

Map 253 River Valley Road (S) 238289 Tel: 6737 2985; 6235 5975

Unidentified temple in Kampong Mata Ikan, demolished  

Hokkien Architecture

Fuk Tak Chi, 1820, gazetted 

Map 76 Telok Ayer St, (S) 048464

Soon Thian Keng, 1821, demolished

Hang San Teng, 1828, destroyed by fire

Hong San See, 1836, gazetted

Map 31 Mohamed Sultan Road (S) 238975

Kim Lan Beo, 1839, demolished & relocated 

Map 119A Kim Tian Road (S) 169263

Thian Hock Keng, 1842, gazetted

Map 158 Telok Ayer Street (S) 068613

Wu Cao Da Bo Gong, 1847, needs to be gazetted 

Map 249 Balestier Road (S) 329708

 Qing Yuen Zhen Zun Miao, 1849, demolished

Chwee Eng Chinese School, 1854, needs to be gazetted 

Map Amoy Street (S) 048773

Siang Cho Keong, 1869, needs to be gazetted

Map 66 Amoy Street (S) 069886

Po Chiak Keng, 1876, gazetted

Map 15 Magazine Road (S) 059568

Hougang Dou Mu Gong, 1881, gazetted

Map 779A Upper Serangoon Road (S) 534648

Giok Hong Tian, 1887, needs to be gazetted 

Map 495 Havelock Road (S) 169635

House of Goh Sin Koh at Sin Koh Street, 1896, demolished

Hoon San Temple, 1903, needs to be gazetted

Map 27 Jalan Lim Tai See (S) 268360

Siong Lim Sian See, 1903 – 1907, gazetted & expanded

Map 184E Jalan Toa Payoh (S) 319941

Bukit Purmei Shun Thian Keng, 1905, demolished

Hock San Teng, 1906, demolished & relocated

Tang Gah Beo, 1907, needs to be gazaetted 

Map 6 Bukit Purmei (S) 099866

Leong San See, 1913, gazetted 

Map 371 Race Course Road (S) 218641

Kusu Tua Pek Kong Temple, 1923, needs to be gazetted 

Map Get Ferry at Harbourfront Centre

Qing Long Gong, 1938

Map 98A Lorong 23 Geylang (S) 388397

Tioh Hin Cho Beo, 1961

Map 121A Langsat Road (S) 426774

Sian Keng Tong, 1965

Map 216 Changi Road (S) 419736

Kiew Lee Tong, 1979 

Map 5 Jalan Tambur (S) 576778

Seng Pang Tua Pek Kong, demolished

Unidentified Temple along Thomson Road, demolished

Mohammed Sultan Tua Pek Kong Temple, ?, demolished

Teochew Architecture

Wak Hai Cheng Bio, 1820, gazetted

Map 30B Phillip Street (S) 048696

Tang Suahn Kiong San Soh Hoo Chu, Henderson Road, 1858, demolished

Tong Xian Tng, 1870, needs to be gazetted 

Map 31 Devonshire Road (S) 239851

House of Tan Yeok Nee, 1882, gazetted 

Map 101 Penang Road (S) 238466

River House, 1880s, needs to be gazetted 

Map 3A River Valley Road (S) 179020

Waterloo Kuan Yin Temple, 1884, rebuilt

Seng Ong Beo, 1905, needs to be gazetted 

Map 113 Peck Seah Street (S) 079332

Hainanese Architecture

Hainan Mazu Temple, 1878, rebuilt 

Map 47 Beach Road, Kheng Chiu Building (S) 189683, Tel : 6336-3457

Ban Siew San Temple, 1880, needs to be gazetted 

Map 2 Telok Blangah Drive (S) 109256

Cantonese Architecture

Ning Yeung Wui Kuan, 1821, demolished

Mun Sun Fook Tuck Chee, 1876, needs to be gazetted 

Map 124 Sims Drive (S) 387379

Kwong Fook Gu Miu, 1880, demolished

Peck San Theng, 1891, rebuilt

Old Thong Chai Medical Institution, 1892, gazetted

Map 50 Eu Tong Sen Street (S) 059803, Tel 6222 2221

Unidentified Temple along North Bridge Rd, demolished

Hakka Architecture

Ying Fo Fui Kun, 1822, gazetted

Map 98 Telok Ayer Street (S) 048474, Tel 6533 6726

Fook Tet Soo, 1844, needs to be gazetted

Map 50H Palmer Road (S) 079426, Tel 6533 6726

Fong Yun Thai Chong De Tang, 1882, needs to be gazetted 

Map 33 Holland Link (S) 277711, Tel 6533 6726

Yu Shan Teng, 1885, demolished, Lorong Panchar

Wu Shu Temple, 1903, needs to be gazetted

Map 9 Commonwealth Lane (S) 149551, Tel 6533 6726