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Please direct all questions on Heritage Chinese Architecture (more than 80 yrs of built history) in this page. For queries on Chinese folk traditions or newer Chinese Architecture, please join http://groups.yahoo.com/group/taoism-singapore/ moderated by Victor Yue.


6 responses to “Q & A

  1. Hi Kent,
    I am doing some research on two temples in the bukit timah area: Phor Beng See temple and Kuan Yin San temple (both apparently more than 80 years old). Would you know anything about them? Please email me. Thanks!

    • Hi Esther,
      Sorry for this very late reply, I don’t know anything abt poh ming tse. As for Kuan Yin San, you can refer Leon Comber’s ‘Though the bamboo window’.

  2. this might sound a little absurb. my father just passed away suddenly he is only 58, my gosh, i could not believe till now. I just want to know which temple that I can go so that I can have certain peace of mind as well for himself, I somwhow feel that both of us is not ready for anything yet, especially something like this. How can this happend??? i mean, if you can help by enlighting me, i will be appreciated. till now, i am still in a daze. can’t s;eep can;t eat well. I hope I come to the right place for help.

    • Hi Raymond,
      Sorry about your loss, please don’t take it too hard. Life is short, move on with life and focus on your work and those that are still alive. Don’t live in the past, plan for your future and live life to how you want ot to be.

  3. I am a PhD student at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. I am looking for pictures of the stele at Siong Lim Temple in Singapore. In particular, I am looking for the following:

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